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I’m really happy we started talking about digital footprints, more specifically the benefits of a digital footprint. I remember talking about this problem in course 1. I still am confused why we aren’t giving students a larger say in our “Empowered Use Policy”.  As a school we are still using an Acceptable Use Policy, and like the article mentions the fear mongering behind what that means. Sadly with some of the points in our Acceptable Use Policy I feel like we are making students scared and are making them fearful of technology.

This past year I have been focusing on a “Positive Digital Footprint” or what I call (I stole this from somewhere but it was so long ago I forget) “Positive Media Presence”.  By empowering students and showing them the benefits of a Positive Media Presence” we encourage them to make good choices and dig deep into what the internet is for, and how we can use it to make our lives better.

So, when should we start talking about digital footprints? As soon as possible I would thing.  At our school students are creating showme presentations as young as Early Years, which means these students need to know that other people can see their work (even if it is not tied to their accounts).  Obviously we don’t need to do this in a negative way, but we can start creating excitement for what it means to be a contributor to a larger discussion.

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We shouldn’t stop talking about digital footprints either, or a positive media presence.  One of the reasons I signed up for COETAIL, was to continue improving my media presence, to make me more connected, not just to promote myself but to make those connections that are so necessary for success (not only mine but collaborated).

I completed the facebook analytics and looked at my media presence through the calculators provided, but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. I just know I want to continue to improve and make connections with like minded people who want to enable students to have a larger voice and continue to create in our world.

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  1. I'm happy you started talking about digital footprints as well. That concept has empowered me to share more over the internet and to realise that there is an audience for ideas out in the ether. I also hope that having this footprint will be infectious with my students and that they will feel the same desire to share their ideas as learners with people around the globe.


  2. I love the idea of collaborating without fully knowing what's out there to collaborate with. Just read this book called Show your work http://austinkleon.com/show-your-work/

    It really helped me to think about the importance of sharing for creativity's sake.

    When we create, and think about a positive place to build our reputation, I think digital footprints can be a powerful mirror.

    For my course work I'm changing our “acceptable use policy” to an “empowered use policy” I'll keep you posted, interesting ideas for sure.


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