From acceptable to empowering

Working with Mel and Nate, like I said before has been a great experience.

I know there are a lot of options for learning together online, and as a group we didn’t talk about this it reminded me of the power of asynchronous learning.

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One of the greatest things about googledrive in my opinion is the ability to learn together without having to always work together.  We commented on each others thoughts in our own time, and didn’t always have to have those conversations in real time.

This worked out really great for me since I was out of communication most weekends and we live in different places.  
We started off looking at the user policies at Mel’s school and my school, and then we thought about what they really meant, and who they were directed towards.  In both of our documents it seemed as though we were directing our conversations towards adults rather than students.  One of Mel’s primary concerns and I had to agree was that we need to focus on students and how we can communicate directly with them. 
We ended up revising the policy and Nate used Comic Life to make the rules look a little less formal and more focused on what students might want to see. 

We tried to use positive language and stay away from “don’t” type of material.  I feel great about the whole process, taking away negative language, asynchronous communication, working together, everything worked great for me.

Thanks Mel and Nate

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