Back to School

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Well summer was full on, read a lot but didn’t create very much.  Going through the presentations we are giving this week and next week, our EdTech team keeps talking about the powerful learning opportunities with creation. Sadly, I’ve been out of that loop for the last couple of weeks. 

While we dive into all teacher training next week, the teachers new to the school are getting ready this week, figuring out systems, learning the school, interacting with each other, so far so good I would say. 
I bought some screen casting software recently, and want to take the plunge into offering more personalised learning opportunities for teachers, not just with content but with time. I’ve talked about this but at times teachers feel like there is not enough time. 
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Part of what I see as my job this year as EdTech is to promote this idea of a “flipped classroom” using screen casting opportunities, an having my google calendar open, I hope will create a way teachers can either access me during the day, or access learning material in the evening, or on the weekends (not that I want people working all weekend, I just want them to be able to learn whenever they want to learn). 


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