Word Choice for Blogging

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I looked for pictures for a couple of hours, wondering what to use to engage my grade 3 students who are thinking about blogging.  I ended up choosing the above image for the word choice and colours because we were doing a blogging lesson.

Usually when I do anything on google drive, or blogs with the students the first thing they want to do is change the colour.  I used the different choices in this image to discuss why we should use colour and which colours we should use.  I started off asking the feelings behind the colours in the image, the colours we had right away, then we talked about the choices that were in our flipboard readings. 
The students still continued to use colour in their writing, but they were better able to describe why they chose that particular colour. 
When thinking about learning blog posts, I wanted the students to get away from the idea that they should be something like “This week I learned about the digestive system”.  First we practiced on google docs about how to create interesting blog posts, we “commented” on each others doc to create discussions and move towards a dialogue of learning, rather than just writing what we learned.  Our focus was to create a community, and with this in mind, our word choice was an important tool to engage our audience. 
Students thought narrowed down their words and focused on what would be engaging for their reader, as well as offer a way to comment on their posts to create a discussion.  
It was our first attempt and  nothing was too spectacular but it was a great way to start the idea of blogging.  
While I often use images (especially images without words) this weeks assignment was interesting because of how much I thought about which image to choose.

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