Problems could be real inquiry

AttributionNoncommercial Some rights reserved by William M Ferriter

I think problem based learning is pretty critical for our developing of thinking skills.  We need to start seeing problems without the need for immediate solutions, we need to work with teachers to help students understand it’s okay not to know “the” answer.

Often I work with open-ended problem based questions and at the beginning of the year, many students have a difficult time.  They want to know the answer, but in my world there is rarely an answer. 
Using technology seems like an easy way to explore possible solutions to problem based curriculum and as a way to connect. 
This is where my mind has been going, as we’re getting ready for course five, connecting, the world, and action. 
I’m wondering how I can pose a problem to my students, and get them to work on finding a solution. 
I think… right now anyway, I’m going to ask them to come up with a solution to my problem.  How can we create a relationship with a community we don’t “know”.  Working with some colleagues in Ontario, I hope our class can create an opportunity to interact with, and create an emotional connection with a “community” there. 
I think it’s a “problem”  because I don’t know how to do it, so there is no easy solution.  I just hope we can all be motivated to make it happen.  
This post is a little scattered, but hopefully by our blog next week with the ubd will be sorted. 

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