Repurposing media

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Just got back from a vacation and have been wondering a lot about what we need to do to fully redefine what we think of media literacy.

I’ve been reading a number of articles and papers, this is one of my favourites, talking about what digital literacy and media literacy might be.  
What my main wonderings are, right now anyway, surrounds the idea of socialisation of media and literacy.  This could easily involve role plays, or something more “real”, but we also can dig deep into how we can redefine what we are reading, how we are reading and how we show what we’ve read.  
Blogs seem pretty obvious for some of our students, but even though we put our learning out there, that doesn’t actual socialise what we are doing, people might not respond, or might never read.  We can get students in the classroom filling the role of responder, but that doesn’t redefine what we could already do in a traditional classroom setting.  So, I’m working on connecting our students to places around the world.  Not for just taking content. 
As I was writing this I found +Jeff Utecht ‘s post on community trumps content.  
So how do we do this with reading? 

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