Starting the project

Attribution Some rights reserved by Magic Madzik

We’ve started trying to make connections regarding our places in school.  I’m planning on working with students to make meaningful connections.  If you want to know more check out this post for my UbD.

The first thing we did was sit in a circle and talked about what it felt like to move from place to place. We all felt an anxiety about moving, when we dug a little deeper we discovered that this anxiety might be a result of not knowing the place or the people. 
As a group we decided to write blog posts about our favourite place (and soon favourite people) in the school in order to alleviate some of the anxiety potential migrants to our school might feel. 
The students are keen to share what they know about the school, and since it’s not content driven most students feel like they know their place, so everyone wants to participate. 
The project isn’t fully what I wanted, but it is student driven which is important.  I was hoping for more of a shared project, but maybe it will morph into that.  
I’m also slightly disappointed that more students didn’t choose an outside place as their favourite spot, but, it’s interesting to see why they chose different places. 

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