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We tried to change our domain over the summer, and we misplaced a whole a significant number of google docs.  It hasn’t been great, but I’ve been thinking a lot about the opportunity for redefinition.

Way too often we rely on what we did last year, we change it, make it slightly better.  I wonder about the opportunity to do great, rather than the chance to do less bad.  We can make a mediocre unit slightly better, but do we take the opportunity to really change what we’re doing, and make it as great as possible, I’m not sure we all have the courage. 
When we lost our documents, I thought this was the opportunity to do such a thing, but people are relying on former paper copies to reconnect what we’ve already done, so it’s not ideal right now. 
At international schools we change teachers pretty frequently.  Teachers go to different grade levels, different teachers come from different places, but at the beginning of the year, we’re not always open to these new ideas. More often, we want to stay with the status quo, and just keep what was going okay going. 
Since we’ve misplaced some data, I know that teachers are a little more hesitant to use computers.  I think this image really makes me think of computer literacy. If we were all a little more literate, I’m not sure we’d have misplaced this information.  The more people know, the more likely we are to save our data (not that I want it saved in this particular instance).  
So for me, at the beginning of the year, I just want teachers to take a risk to be more literate online.

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