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With our grade 3 classes we’ve been using blogs to reflect what we are learning. More than that though, I am hoping to make our reflections interesting.  Almost all of my students think that reflection is like a recount.  Here’s what we learned, this list of things.  I know now this.

It’s frustrating, mainly because I want to move away from that kind of learning, but my students obviously still see learning this way.  I try to tell them that let me know what you learned, not what was taught, what’s your big take away, why does it matter? 
Then I wonder why or who taught us how to reflect.  I think for my next couple of lessons I’m going to look at some other student blogs and teacher blogs to talk about what’s really important about learning. Then go to maybe tumblr or something to show how we are always kind of reflecting.  Maybe some comics, to talk about processing visually, maybe Nicki’s Blog to show how we can even think differently. 
School is off for two weeks so I have heaps of time to prepare, but how can we teach students to write interesting reflections, I’ve used them as the audience, and even they are bored.  So time to inspire I guess. 

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