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Since the holiday things have been full on, exciting, but busy.  We want to move more towards a fish bowl model of professional development at our school. We’ve put in our proposal and are waiting for our chance to talk with administration. 

Right after though, I applied for a job as an Open Minds Coordinator.  During the interview I was able to talk more about the fish bowl concept and what I wanted to do with it, as I was talking this whole new idea unfolded, who do I actually collaborate with, and how do I collaborate with them.  Often I feel I just talk to my fellow Digital Literacy Coaches, sometimes teachers, sometimes STEAM, but not as many people as I should.  
The goal now is to take over the library, with the Digital Literacy Coaches (I don’t think Open Minds is for me), bring in the Librarians, the STEAM people, the Open Minds people and other Learning Leaders at school.  Then do all of our PD.  We have people who are experts in areas constantly offering PD, sharing expertise with the other experts so we can all present, and then people book out specific coaches for individual needs based on individual goals. 
I’m very excited.

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