Systems and code

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This past year we’ve tried to be more active with getting coding into the classroom.  There has been some great successes, and a fair amount of indifference, but I think the most confusing part for me is the conversations with teachers. 

We talk (the teachers and I) often about empowerment, like how do we actually help students be successful in the future.  We talk about the types of skills that might be needed.  Our biggest difference is I believe coding will be one of the only skills required for Digital Literacy.  Most of us navigate the internet as illiterates, we can converse, but we can’t actually make a change or look for deeper meaning.  
When people who lead countries can change the idea of what “fake news” is and people are only trained to consume media, mainly the internet, I think we are in for a scary future.  However, my teachers think that there are different necessary skills (which I also understand are important, just not as crucial). 
Moreover, I guess, I wouldn’t teach anything (especially coding) in a static environment.  For real challenge based, or problem based learning (looking at the system) we need to have coding embedded into may summative assessments, many daily learning engagements, so we’re not just coding, we are solving a problem (hopefully a systemic one). 
Anyway,  I believe that all people can code. We just need to find a way to get them doing it purposefully, and in a way that the teachers easily see the value.

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