Learning Community

In our school garden

The enhanced PYP moves towards action for the learner and this new focus or (re)newed focus on the importance of the learning community.  I guess the easy connections are parents, other people within the school, and maybe even experts from outside our school but somewhat connected to our school community.  

I’ve been thinking more about how our community should involve the more than human world (a phrase I love from Place, Being and Resonance). This idea that we don’t really go out and treat our place as a community, what do the little lizards have to teach us, what about the ants, the leaves, anything? If we want students to love our land we have to know it, but maybe before we know it we have to acknowledge it’s a part of our community.  

There’s been a lot of reading, reporting, new role wondering this past week and I really think that this idea is one I have to think seriously about how to incorporate into the rest of the year.  

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