Revisiting Coyote’s Guide

Coyote’s Guide

This is a book I often go back to, I often wonder about, and I often try to bring back into my teaching practice. With my focus on sense of place research right now I’ve been thinking more and more about how I (and maybe man others) don’t really know my directions.

I live very close to the equator right now, and I wonder about how easy it is for people to tell north from south. I have a hard time thinking about cardinal directions here and often wonder if they are important for navigating city life. What I really like about this book is that it introduces directions as a way to engage learning in the activities. It helps us think about where things come from and why the directions are important.

We often use stories of our place to bring us closer to the community, but over the next couple of weeks I really want to focus on directions and intentionally sharing the importance of knowing where we are, where we are facing and where we are going.

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