Bringing some outdoors indoors

Being a place based educator is usually pretty incredible, during a pandemic there have been a few challenges.

So as a class we have started to bring some of our favourite plants indoors. This started in our civilisations unit, when we created our own civilisation that would represent us. The students, maybe picking up from me, have taken a biophillia approach to life. They love having the plants in and they started to think that plants represented our civilisation.

This led to students bringing different plants in, and now we have plants all over the classroom. It gives us a lot to think about scientifically, how much light or water do they need, how can we make things to support our plants. So far we have LED cardboard light rooms for the night for certain plants, we have different types of soil and we are experimenting with composting plant material. It’s been heaps of fun.

While there have been some challenges connecting to our community, we are doing our best to still connect to our environment.

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