Learning about managing living things

We’re working with our grade 6 students to reimagine what it is like to manage living things. Traditionally in this unit we have explored different types of farming. This year we wanted to actual make a small farm. However, COVID restrictions have put a damper on some of our best wishes.

Regardless, I wanted students to really think about possible outcomes of managing living things. Singapore is unique in the fact that they are allowing meat to be grown from cells. They are marketing and working on creating clean meat. This idea that we can grow just the meat in the lab, it will prevent us from killing living things and perhaps it will be more sustainable.

The idea is very interesting and I hope motivates discussions in the classroom about what living things are and how to use them effectively. We are lucky to have Chef Kaimana who is one of the people who work with JUST come and talk to us. It’s exciting because they are rethinking traditional food and traditional ways of making and growing products.

I wonder what the kids will come up with.

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