Becoming artists

I love Kampong Glam.

For our grade 3 unit on How We Express Ourselves we’ve been looking at art. This year we worked with some of the street artists to create something.

We started our day walking around Kampong Glam and trying to come up with a definition of street art. We wanted to know what it was, how it was different from art in a museum, what techniques we usually used and anything else that might help us create. In the afternoon we went to The Blackbook studio to practice some street art on our own. First they showed us how to use the spray cans, and then students worked on their lettering.

They crew at The Blackbook Studio were amazing, but so were the kids. Throughout the day the developed as artists and created some incredible art. I think what they loved the most though was learning with people in the community. Boon and Ayid were amazing at working with the kids, asking them questions and bringing out each student’s style. More than that though, I think when we work on creating in a place we feel a deeper connection to that place, I think after the trip everyone felt a little more at home in Kampong Glam, I know I can’t wait till next year

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