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For +COETAIL I am well into the process of collecting evidence and working with students to share spaces.  I’m not sure how successful it will be but the process is enlightening for sure.

With students these past two weeks (the ones who aren’t working on my Coetail project) we are exploring digital citizenship, with the idea that it can shape the future of who we are. 
Spencer Harrison and I used to work together, at the time I wasn’t as aware of the idea of personal brand.  I was very conscious of displaying the image I wanted to show with the intention of challenge other people’s viewpoints. Spencer was one of the first people to tell me, my image or brand could be shaped without shaping me. 
What this means for digital citizenship is that we aren’t always who we appear to be online.  We all need to understand that a google search or looking at someone’s facebook, linkedin profile or whatever is not who that person really is.  We can create our identity. 
Since we are creating our identity, we should make sure it’s the best version of ourselves, and then try to live up to it. Our digital citizenship classes go into who do we want to be (as in what kind of person) and then how do we take action to be recognised as that type of person, what do they do. 
The last two weeks have been pretty interesting to see what versions of themselves each students wants to present.  They are thinking about their future, about who they want to be online, and how they can achieve this reality. 

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