Always Learning

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Reading George Couros‘ blog today about being Learning Savvy. In it he was talking about being tech savvy, and how he isn’t always comfortable with the term.

As an EdTech coach, people definitely see me as someone who has technology skills (even though I don’t necessarily see myself that way). Like George, I want to be more learning savvy.

Part of my action towards this is working on the Cognitive coaching workshops.  I want to be more focused on how we approach learning, with a tech and environmental ed perspective, but the goal is the same, what is best for students’ learning.

Through my project on community, we have just finished our stories, and some of our blog entries.  We’ve talked about our favourite places and people in hopes that we can connect with incoming students, to make their transitions a little easier. It’s not really about the tools we used, it’s about what we learned about ourselves, our favourite spots, and how we can improve our community.

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