Hybrid Minds

AttributionNoncommercialShare Alike Some rights reserved by Sam Judson

This week, well the last couple of weeks, have been looking at Richard Louv’s idea of Hybrid Minds. Technology is something we have always been working on, and I imagine always will, the natural world, the world we are connected to (without wireless) is always here, and hopefully always will be.  How can we pay attention to both? How can we develop both sustainably? Where do we go from here?

Lots of questions as I started reading these past couple of weeks, and while nothing has been explicitly answered, I feel my original thoughts are being reaffirmed. 
My project with getting the students outside and documenting their spots has taken a smallish turn.  Although they haven’t been publishing their thoughts or feelings so much, they have displayed a different attitude towards being outdoors. 
Earlier in the year it was difficult to get them to put the ipads down, they wanted to keep holding on to them, checking out youtube videos, now they want to relax outside.  They’ve been putting the ipads down, and just laying down, looking at their spots and just being in nature. 
We have to find some way to mix the two of these realities though, and as I continue reading and working with our students, this is the goal.

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