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For +COETAIL most of my community involvement has been focused on #enviroed.  Since I’m merging the tech and environment.  We talk every Thursday, which is pretty amazing, well Thursday for me Wednesday night for everyone else.  Here is one of my favourite chats , mainly because it focuses specifically on tech and 21st century skills in environmental education.

As a group we explore what each other are doing, ask each other questions to get specifics, I’ve worked with two other teachers on their specific research project, and have asked a couple of teachers to work with me on my coetail project. 

I’ve been trying to merge these two for awhile

+Nicki Hambleton has helped me out a ton too. We talk often in person. We bounce ideas off each other with pizza and wine (even if we shouldn’t always be eating it).  It’s great for us (well me definitely) to be able to see reactions and just check in on and get checked in on.  This personally has been one of the most valuable tools for me, not that Nicki is a tool.  But she has directed me towards other people like Kerri-Lee and Dave, and has directed me towards Cognitive Coaching where I met up with other coetailers as well.  

Mostly I feel like I’ve moved beyond just messing around, I’ve built part of my community (especially with #enviroed).  Connectivism is a real thing in my life.  I’m building on my connections, sand still reaching out for others.  
It’s been a great journey so far, and I’m looking forward to even more in the last month.

2 Replies to “Comm-unity”

  1. Ah thanks buddy, the feeling is most definitely mutual. I am finishing off my post right now on connections and you too are at the heart of it. I can't thank you enough for continually supporting me and helping me with my posts and thoughts in return. I am nowhere near finished with COETAIL or the project and I do think it will continue way beyond May 10th despite that deadline looming ominously! Pizza, wine and chats soon?


  2. I'm definitely in the same boat, tons of stuff to do, it will get done, I have no idea how though.

    And, I can't wait to get together wine, pizza and chats! Can't wait.


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