2 Replies to “Developing relationships”

  1. Hey Joe,
    I do think it is about relationships: relationships both with their environment but also with themselves. Some kids (and adults) are perfectly happy being alone and others very uncomfortable spending time just by themselves. Adam Clark at YIS did a great talk about this and how kids are not used to being bored, being in silence and just thinking or being. They are always attached to a device or connected in some way. I remember us talking about this last time, and seeing what adults waiting in a restaurant on their own do. Do they sit and stare or sit and stare at their phone?
    I think I have digressed somewhat!
    The relationship is all about balance – what is right for the individual, the time and the place. When is technology useful, imperative and helpful to learning and when is peace, space and solitude? It is what I think about with my own kids and myself frequently. I do not have the answer but I do know there are a lot of people approaching the same questions. Switch off vs switch on.


  2. Nicki, Just got back from the last bit of Cognitive coaching, and I feel into that thought too. I think that's part of my presentation, helping people notice when they are looking at their phones, and how that might be damaging their connection to nature. And like you I'm wondering (I think) how we can blend the two.

    How do we use our devices to make meaning rather than consume or fill time.


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