Place Based Education

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Connecting people to a place has been an ongoing concern of mine. I have just started reading this book. 

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One of the things I worry most about is that the focus of place based learning all seems to be on certain countries.  While many of the issues are global and easily transferable not everything makes sense in my tropical world. 

Most of what we need to do is have teachers understand their place.  Many of the international teachers are transient, we move from place to place.  This results in us not knowing so much about the place we are teaching.  We need to know more about where we live in order to help students understand the systems in place. 
Walking through the jungle with Han the other week was a totally eye-opening experience. 

Bukit Timah Nature Reserver

Working with an expert in my new country, I learned a lot about what things were living in Singapore, where our water source was, and how to find my way around the bush without too much equipment. 

I feel much more tied to my habitat and as a result I think I can teach more effectively when I’m bringing the students outside. 

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