Joyful Places

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I’ve been thinking a lot about places and how to get people connected to places.  Recently I was asked if Singapore was a “joyful place”, it really got me thinking. 

What is a joyful place, how do places become joyful, can we make this happen?  I’ve explored this a bit in my thesis, but it’s something I often revisit.  I didn’t know how to explain this.  The first thought was no, it’s not joyful, but I do find joy.  Mostly because of how I interact with my place.  I’m outside a couple nights a week playing some sort of sport.  We go to the gardens and by the water.  We take the dogs for a walk twice a day.  I find joy in all those moments.  
But when I’m walking around I see many unhappy people, working late, angry in their cars, overheated and I think it’s not the space that’s joyful. 
It’s how you live in a place.  We can only fully become comfortable in our place if we spend time in it, and once we spend that time we can start working on the relationships, and then the positive relationship in our place. 
I do think it would greatly increase work place satisfaction if we spent more time outside and interacting with our community. 

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