Diving into a new year

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I’m pretty excited about this new year.  A lot of things will be going on.  Some of my grade three teachers will be going one to one with ipads, really going to focus on cognitive coaching with (so far) six teachers (I’m hoping to build on that) and bringing a new fishbowl type model of PD to school. 

All of this goes towards a more personalized style of development.  At times I wonder about how beneficial or damaging personalized learning can be.  I guess it’s important not to totally enable enable a learner to dictate everything, but rather create situations where as individuals they can succeed.  Specifically I’m thinking about teachers, and how we need to engage them where they need it most, without offering overly involved amounts of people. 
Hopefully our fishbowl model will address these issues, smaller groups focused on things they need to know (school directed) but build up relationships so we can work on what the teachers want to know and hopefully add in some cognitive coaching as well. 
I start seeing new teachers next week, looking forward to seeing the new teachers and reuniting with the old.  

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