Checking out the back end

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Orientation week is always interesting when you have been at the same school for awhile. You get a sense of what people will be stressed out about, you kind of understand what might help them, but for the most part you just are there to respond to specific stresses and develop and manage relationships. 

This week has been reconnecting with some team leaders and admin and has been really good. I’ve worked with some of my new teachers which has been great and I’ve been diving into the backend of our learning management system. 
So far it’s alright, making some sites, working on my.cis and trying to get things sorted for the upcoming year. It’s interesting to see how (well a limited how because I’m not into code or anything yet) something works.  It is great when working with teachers and having to break things down, it really reinforces some good teaching practice.  You have to respond to a knowledge gap, fill things in at their level and try to support them as they make sense of a new world.  Also it’s interesting to work with some higher level people and say, well here is how I’d work through it.  I don’t fully know your answer, but here’s how I would find out.  I think I’m going to adapt this with more of my students this academic year. 
It’s also interesting to see a lot of technostress, some teachers are so stressed out about not understanding.  Not knowing is such a huge part of my world, so it’s strange why people would be stressed out about it.

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