Growing together

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I love my job, seriously, it’s up there with top jobs in the world, at least in my opinion.  But, like everyone at times I get frustrated with my colleagues. 

Lately it has been revolving around this idea of growing together. A lot of the people I work with are amazing, literally.  Their passion and desire to grow and become amazing educators is overwhelming at times.  There are a few people I am always a little frustrated with, and I think that’s my growth area for the next couple of weeks.  The people I work with, I do think they want to get better, but they have a lot to focus on and at times, I feel that my focus isn’t their focus, this new revelation is that’s okay.  
I need to recommit to the idea that I’m helping them achieve my goals, not my reaching my goals. I need to help them become better and actually grow together.

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