Personalized Learning

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Back to school! 

I’ve been thinking over the break about the whole idea of personalised learning, and who should be “in charge” of the experience. 
I think as a teacher it can be overwhelming at times to think about all the organising we have to do for a personalised learning experience.  Often we try to guide and direct and shape the future, even with personalised learning we aren’t fully wondering about what the students want. I’ve been working a lot with maker spaces this year, and iTime inquiry and I think that letting students have some control of the learning while still being able to hit most of the outcomes necessary.
I think working towards personalised learning is crucial, but I’ve been wondering more about how to make it also communal. 
I want to start bringing experts in from near our school. I want to start building a community, but I also want students to start working together (maybe even being assessed together). 
I don’t know, it’s the beginning of the year.  I love personalised learning, but I don’t just want to focus on the individual.  

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