Always growing

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I’ve been thinking a lot about how to continue to grow. As a digital literacy coach, I think it is my job to grow and continue to grow. Not just for the sake of growth, but always looking and wondering about how to change and enhance what’s happening in the classroom.  

Sometimes I fear that I’m just growing and changing for the sake of growing and changing, other times I’m worried that I’m too stagnant and not growing enough. 
I have honestly felt that we learn the most and change the most when we are feeling uncomfortable. One of the things I try to do throughout the year is to put myself in uncomfortable situations in order to help me see my work from different perspectives. 
So I guess I’m wondering what my next growing opportunity is going to be.  I’ve tried things from a maker space perspective this year, and it’s pretty interesting.  It’s especially interesting to see the commonalities between design perspective and systems thinking in environmental education.  I also have loved the idea of critiquing the user experience model, so it’s been a lot of fun. 
I’m looking for the next big shake up though so I can change how I’m learning.

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