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Just got back from a Deep Learners Conference in Malaysia.  I went with some of my colleagues and presented on “Real Connections”.  I posted my first draft up here a couple of weeks ago, but it turned out a lot different after last week.  It ended up like this…

A lot of it was the same, but I wanted to make mention of how I kind of wanted the future to look. 
One of the most interesting aspects of the conference for me was the focus on bad ideas. I like how we can change our thinking around, how we can look at a bad idea and eliminate the “bad” parts of it. 
We had a lot of time to work through our idea, and as a group, we laughed, grew and got to know each other a little better.  I think this focus on having a bad idea and honouring it, really helped us as a team. 
A couple of my colleagues presented which was nice to see us grow as a school. It was all around a great conference actually. I love the format where you can go and discover new ideas in the morning (no big commitment, only twenty minutes) and then do something in the afternoon.  
Check it out if you’re keen Deep Learners

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