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I recently took to twitter about this.  I’ve been listening to this “You are not so smart” podcast and most of them are really great this one really got me thinking.

There is a community of people on reddit who willingly want their points of view changed. Last year I went to a conference where we talked about bad ideas and how to turn them into good ideas. My idea was bad decision or opposite decision app.  This podcast goes along the same idea.

My biggest wondering after this podcast was, how do we get people to the point where they want to change their view.  How can was as teachers get students to understand that their beliefs are theirs because of the things they know and the experiences they have had but they aren’t always “right”.

Another thing my wife and I really enjoyed was the ideas about how to changes someone’s mind who wants it changed. Previously they did a number of backfire effect episodes where they talked about how to change people’s minds who don’t want to change their minds.

I think the idea of brining people together who are open minded and wanting to change how and what they think can be really powerful. I want to get started created something like this.


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