The Need for Roots

I’ve just started this book, I’ve been trying to connect things to this idea of Sense of Place. One of the things that both this book and the Thomashow book brought up is the idea of how we use things we own to construct our own identities. The things we have make up who we are.

I wonder how we can start to transfer this, or start to notice that this might also be related to place, and how and where we are. I’m still working through this book, it’s complex and at times difficult to fully understand so I’m not sure where it will take me, so far I’ve been surprised.

I think what I would like to do is work the things activity into our class work on natural resources. Our central idea is that people can make choices to support the sustainability of Earth’s natural resources. I wonder if looking at what we have, and how that forms our identity can lead us to make more sustainable choices, or if that concept is a bit too abstract for ten year olds. Still wondering about it.

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