Opening back up?

Ramona isn’t really sure if she’s ready to go back out.

It’s been strange hey? We’ve been living this life for the last little while where we shouldn’t really interact with others. Now we’re slowly opening back up, and I think there’s still some uncertainty about how and who to reconnect.

School is strange because of this, I think more so for PYP teachers. We’ve been encouraged to have interactive lessons, lots of group work, thinking and sharing. My particular job is taking kids outside, exploring, asking questions to community members, and then we couldn’t and now… who knows?

I’m not sure how other people are coping with this. If schools are offering counselling for teachers about anxiety, if there is a solid plan in place, if there are options for different approaches. I know this situation has caught everyone off guard, but is anyone doing it really well? Are there big plans for going back into school? Are we all sure of how to handle more kids around? How do we convince kids it is safe now, when we said it wasn’t before? How do we prepare kids for a future that is more like what it is like now?

Anyway, lots of things to think about before we come back in August, lots of different things to prepare, lots of different things to wonder about.

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