Back in class

Wow, wild summer.

We’re back in class right now, working on social distancing, thinking about what learning looks like when we have to be a little further away from each other. It’s strange to go against instincts to get kids talking, learning together, wondering with each other. It’s strange not being able to go out right now, staying inside, wearing masks, but I guess this is just a strange time (until we get used to it).

The kids, as always, seem to be flexible and want to learn. They understand things are different and are looking to us for ways of being. So I’m trying to stay calm and model alternative ways of knowing and being, while always stressing that I’m still learning myself.

I wonder if that’s all we should be doing in these times anyway. Acknowledging that things are new, wondering and negotiating ways of being in this new world, and looking for ways to make things a little more better where we can.

The happiness lab podcast has really been helping. Thinking about the brain and how it works, helps us to deal with these situations a little better. Hopefully we can keep it going.

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