Team Teaching

Sitting in Silos

My job is constantly evolving which is incredible because I always get to learn something new. This year, I think the focus is more on working as a team. Normally, I like being on my own (not just in a teaching setting) and I thrive when I can work and react quickly in my own sort of situation. By putting myself in a new situation, I hope to be able to grow more and hopefully become a better teammate.

As a classroom teacher, I normally work with the students and we come up with essential agreements. They normally can be described as communicating clearly, being aware of other people, being positive and respecting everything around us. I’m hoping to bring this idea to my new team teaching structure.

Communicating is always difficult for me, I usually know myself really well, can understand why I’m doing something, but I don’t always let people know my thought process, which can make team teaching difficult.

I am super excited to be working with my favourite teaching team mate this year. We understand each other (I think) and we have the same goals, so I’m excited to see where this heads.

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