Studying the city from indoors

Master Plan

So this unit of inquiry, for our grade 6 team is one of my favourites because I love the URA City Gallery. It is easily one of my favourite spaces in Singapore, sadly it is closed during COVID, and even if it were open, we couldn’t go.

However, we are trying to learn the same sorts of things without this resource. For me, this inability to visit this place has really changed what students are learning. I was asking questions to two classes today and they really did not understand some of the aspects of Singapore’s development plan. First of all, I totally get it, why would they know these things, why does it matter to them? But I was a little sad that they missed out on some cool learning opportunities. This year we have an interesting opportunity to really build a part of the city, we are using Dover Forest Development plan as a way to think about designing a new part of the city. It seems authentic, timely and relevant, but the missed opportunity to go to the City Gallery really hurts me.

We are still trying to get out to do some demographic walks and trying to connect to different parts of our lived experience, but I really wish we could go.

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